International Night

On March 29th, Trinity School PTA hosted another successful International Night.  Trinity students, along with their families and teachers, celebrated their heritage by bringing food from their countries to share with others. ENL teachers, Ms. Caridad, Mrs. Giordano, Ms. Vaccaro and Mrs. Valle, led their students in a performance entitled, “Cinderella Stories Around the World.”  Students read and explored six different versions of Cinderella from countries including Mexico, India, Philippines, China, America, and the original from Europe.  They analyzed, compared, and answered comprehension questions for each story.  As a culminating presentation, the students read summaries of each Cinderella story and acted out various scenes from each story. This opportunity gave them a chance to shine and represent diverse cultures. Costumes and props were primarily funded through the Trinity PTA. Additional items were donated by Trinity teachers. It was a rewarding evening for teachers, students and their families. 

International Night Photos

Trinity Latest News

 Trinity Elementary school highlighted in the current newsletter of the Lower Hudson Regional Special Education Technical Assistance and Support Center (RSE-TASC). Click here on the link read the newsletter.  Newsletter 2018



On Friday, November 2nd, ENL teachers and parents from Trinity School attended the Hispanic Leadership Conference at Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY.  Mrs. Martha Lopez, assistant to Westchester County Executive George Latimer, encouraged families to reach out to teachers and ask questions to further their child’s education.  Among the various workshops available, Mrs. Myriam Valle, assisted by Mrs. Lucy Giordano, presented a workshop in Spanish to promote literacy and the benefits of bilingualism.   Throughout the day, parents were empowered as they learned about the various resources available to them.   We would like to thank Mrs. Tiara Reyes-Vega, Director of Instructional Support, and our PTA, who generously provided the funds to cover the cost for parents to attend.


Fire Prevention Month- Click on the photo to watch the video. Second graders from Trinity Elementary School took field trips to Station 1 (45 Harrison St) on Tuesday, October 16 and Wednesday, October 17. Students spent time learning about the Fire Department's important role in our community and this year's fire prevention theme "Look. Listen


Two by Two Zoo Show Photo Gallery

We Future Cycle recycling program

New Rochelle Trinity Elementary School    is entering its 5th year running the We Future Cycle recycling program and students are getting trained on how to sort their lunch waste into compost, recyclables and trash. Read the rest of the store here



Trinity Basketball Camp

 36 4th and 5th grade Trinity scholars participated in our Academic Basketball Camp during the break.The program was sponsored by the New Rochelle Basketball Association and provided the students with Math, ELA, Character Education AND Basketball. The kids had fun and learned during the break!  We are so grateful to NRBA, Sean Oliver, Michael Kenny, Steve Mauro and the NRHS students that came to Trinity to create this memorable experience for our students!

Trinity News Flash

Watch our STEAM Student Presentation- Jan 29, 2019

Trinity STEAM Video

Trinity STEAM Slideshow

BOE Trinity Presentation - January 29, 2019


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Trinity PTA After school Enrichment Program Winter Session 2019 


 Hispanic Parents Leadership Conference

Manhattan College presents, Hispanic Parents Leadership Conference
Friday, November 2, 2018 * 9:30 am – 2:00 pm Click here for more information   English   Espanol

Transportation will be provided. Pickup is at Jefferson at 8:15am. The PTA has offered to sponsor parents and pay the $10 fee as well!
This is such a great opportunity! 

Delayed Opening coming up on October 1st

We are fast approaching our first “Delayed Opening” on Monday, October 1, 2018. The purpose of this day is to practice a delayed start prior to inclement weather. Please review the information below to ensure a smooth day for all of our scholars.  Click Here for more information

School Spirit Showdown Top-12   
Isaac E Young middle school has made it to the top twelve in the News 12 School spirit showdown.
This contest will showcase the top 4 with the most school spirit with televised pep rallies.
Vote! Go to  News12: School Spirit Showdown Top 12


Welcome Back to School!

Dear Trinity Families;

Buenas Noches, Muchachos! We hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable summer break! Just a few reminders for all of our Trinity Families:

September 10 - NO SCHOOL - Rosh Hashanah

September 11 - NO SCHOOL - Rosh Hashanah

September 12 - Regular School Day  and Back To School Night - 6:30 PM - Grades K-2

September 13 - Regular School Day and Back To School Night - 6:30 PM - Grades 3-5

September 14 - PTA Welcome Back Picnic - 5:00 PM

Trinity Students Study Plant Bulbs

Third grade students in Mrs. Larkin's and Ms. Joy's class studied bulbs with Joyce Kent and Naomi Gams-Towers of Hudson Park Children's Greenhouse.  They learned the parts of a bulb and examined a dissected Paperwhite bulb with magnifying glasses, then set up a whole bulb in water and pebbles to grow.  They explored Amaryllis bulbs in more depth -- weighing them and measuring their height and circumference, as well as using their senses of sight, touch and smell to describe them.  All of this was recorded in their Amaryllis Observation booklet.  Finally they planted the bulbs and entered the date on their Data sheets where they will keep track of growth and change.  Each bulb "belongs" to 4 students who will be in charge of their care.  Mrs. Kent and Mrs. Gams-Towers will come back when the blooms are ready to be pollinated and again when, hopefully, seeds have been produced.

Mrs. Larkin's & Mrs. Joy's Class: Studying Plant Bulbs Photo Gallery

"Popcorn Project" with 2nd graders at Trinity ES

Inquisitive children at Trinity Elementary are halfway through a three-class series that traces kernels of corn to a warm bowl of hot popcorn in the “Popcorn Project.”  Educators from Hudson Park Children’s Greenhouse met with the second graders earlier in the year to visit the corn crop on school grounds that they planted last year as first graders.  The stalks, tended by students in the summer program, produced ample cobs. In the first day of the sequence, the students visited the raised beds to observe firsthand the results of their planting the kernels last year.  The stalks were pulled out and the cobs allowed to dry.  Two weeks later, in the second day of the educational sequence, educator Naomi Gams-Towers presented the dried brown stalks to the students.  Students came to the front of the room and identified the parts. 

Then each child was given a corn cob to measure, observe with magnifying glasses and document findings.  They diligently produced careful sketches and notations.  A highlight of the class was watching a video ( ) of the kernel to plant growth cycle.  “Wow!  That’s amazing” said one student. “Can you show that again?” said someone else. 

Educator Joyce Kent brought a fully germinating Indian corn cob for the class to experience ( )  Kent had put the dried corn cob horizontally in water for two weeks and the kernels sprouted into bright green stalks.  The children gingerly pulled off individual seedlings and were amazed.  At the third and final session of this horticultural educational sequence, students will pop the corn in a clear air-popper and learn the science of the kernel explosion.  A companion children’s book will be read to reinforce learning. 

The Hudson Park Children’s Greenhouse committee will be taking this cohort of students, which they started with in first grade, through fifth grade, year after year to design a garden program that can be replicated throughout all the grades in years to come.  Funding for this program was provided by a generous Westchester County Board of Legislator grant.  The raised beds were built with funds from a New Rochelle Fund for Excellence grant

"Popcorn Project" Image Gallery