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In order for a new student to receive a device they first need to have a nredlearn Google account. This will allow them access to all of our CSDNR instructional technology tools. Once the accounts have been created and our inventory system is updated, Trinity's Instructional Technology Facilitator, Ms. Mulqueen will send your child's information to you via a backpack letter.

Once you receive your nredlearn account you must fill out the CSDNR Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) AND the Student Device Loaner Form. Both students and parents/guardians must sign off on the AUP in order for the student to be eligible for a school-issued device.

In order to read and fill out the Student Device Form and the Acceptable Use Policy, you must sign in to One-to-One PLUS using your nredlearn credentials. This process only works on a Laptop, Chromebook or Desktop Computer. Cell Phones Do Not Work with One to One Plus.

Spanish Directions

This is a simple sign in (click "Sign in with Google") that can be completed after receiving and verifying that you can sign into your nredlearn Google account.

Sign in to One to One

Next, in the top right-hand corner, you will see your child’s name. Please click on that button.

Childs name

Click on the word “SIGN” next to the Student AUP and the Device Loaner Form *the orange link denotes the Spanish version of the document.

Find Forms

Fill out the required fields and click "I Accept"

Clicking the Accept Button

Once this form has been filled out by both the student and parent/guardian, the student can go to Ms. Mulqueen to receive a school-issued device.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!