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We need to live with ourselves, our neighbors and all members of the international community; we believe that education must help individuals know themselves, understand their world, and   believe  in cooperation and mutual respect. It is important that our students examine and appreciate their own characters, that they be open and sensitive to the relationships with others and that they   learn to demonstrate an active concern for their neighborhoods and for the world at large. Such goals are both ambitious and vital; we must each aim at them through a lifetime of learning and growth. To   help students love learning, so they can happily undertake such a life, we must foster a concern with why, and not just what, they are learning. We are committed to the belief that learning to know   ourselves deeply, care about others, and accept education as a never-ending process occurs best when we are held responsible for our actions yet feel secure enough to take risks. We, therefore, aim to be   challenging and demanding, yet nurturing and individualized.

Our philosophy is based on the needs and characteristics of our students and staff. We focus on meeting the special needs and interests of all students. Along with a solid academic background, there are several important traits which we hope our students will develop. These include a love of learning, a positive self-image and a sense of personal responsibility. We hope that in all ways, we as an elementary school, will be characterized by cooperation, caring and an open sharing of ideas and feelings. Always the assumption in our concept at Trinity is that each student is special and that all students are capable of learning.